Album Review: Mick Jagger "Wandering Spirit"

Ole rubber-lipped, arthritic-hipped Mick has finally managed to come up with a more than decent solo album, which sees the strutting cockatoo cut his new pair of false teeth into a strong and spicy bunch of largely self-penned songs.

Put Me in the Trash is classic moody Stones, while Sweet Thing is proof indeed that a juicy groove and a good tune is hard to beat. On top of that, Jagger's earthy, sneering vocals haven't sounded this good for ages, particularly on the melancholic country efforts Evening Gown and Hang On to Me Tonight.

Any dodgy moments are confined to two covers, Bill Withers' Use Me, which features Lenny Kravitz and stumbles around aimlessly, and Handsome Molly, a traditional folk song, where Mick makes an ass of himself by trying to sound Irish. But the best song from this fine album is the exquisite ballad Angel in My Heart. GRADE B+

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
June, 1993
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