Album Review: The Nymphs, "The Nymphs"

THE NYMPHS, no not some hormone-charged, pheromone-soaked girlie band, but a sonic-charged American quintet fronted by a young female singer by the name of Inger Lorre. Apparently they have a reputation for being bad apples in the LA music scene (a positive advantage I would have thought), thanks to their outspoken nature and wild antics, i.e. they signed - so I'm led to believe - their record contract in blood!

Some of their wild and bloody-minded attitudes seeps through the grooves on this collection of dark swirling, edgy songs. Lorre's intense sneering and melodramatic vocals provide THE NYMPHS with the necessary bite on tracks like 2 Cats, Heaven, and Supersonic, which incidentally features a guest vocal from the almost IGGY POP.

Occasionally their dense moods lack direction and tend to drag their feet through the mud, but overall there's enough promise to suggest that the slow frenzy brewed up by THE NYMPHS might eventually become contagious, provided they can write a few more acid-soaked killer songs. That's something which they've not quite mastered up 'til now. But with the striking and beguiling Lorre as their focal point, THE NYMPHS could well have themselves a singer in that fine tradition of enigmatic female performers from the dark side o' town.

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
March 1992

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