Album Review: Kiss of the Gypsy, "Kiss of the Gypsy"

KISS OF THE GYPSY's self-titled album is quite a surprise in more ways than one. Firstly because of the high-powered Rock on offer, and secondly because had I been blindfolded while listening to this album, I would have guessed them to be already famous.

One minute I think I'm listening to ALICE COOPER's Hey Stoopid, the next some old ditty from AEROSMITHS's heyday. And then my ears curl with joy and excitement to something vaguely resembling GUNS N'ROSES. But soon my disappointment grows as it lacks that twist and the raw nerve that is Axl n' the lads.

Then some lonely cowboy-in-the-sunset riffs Take This Old Heart and, dumbfounded as I am, I realise this must be BON JOVI in some kind of kinky musical drag!

However, when it comes to actually writing/ arranging original material, KOTG are about as innovative as five frozen fish-fingers! This could be so good, so totally fulfilling, 'cos all the makings of a great band are there, but the most important.

Given the opportunity and the guts KOTG could very well make it, give 'em a year of two, and be Britain's next big selling export alongside such celebrities as DEF LEPPARD, etc. Grade B

Maggie Vapnargard
Riff Raff
March 1992

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