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In 2012, Public Image released their first studio album since 1992's That What Is Not. After two decades there had also been more than a few line up changes. John Lydon was still there but everyone else had changed. This photo shows the new line up, from left to right: Bruce Smith (drums), Scott Firth (bass), John Lydon, and Lu Edmonds (guitar).

Smith was previously with The Pop Group and The Slits; Firth has played on tours for a lot of bands and solo artists, and Edmonds started out in The Damned before also becoming an itinerant musician.

The visual semantics of the photo strive for a relaxed mood. Only Lydon seems to be making any kind of pose, while the other members could be waiting for a bus. Lydon's pose evokes the Gumbys, working class characters from Monty Python's Flying Circus, which conveys an ironic awareness of his duties as the band's front man.

Revenge of Riff Raff
28th March, 2013
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