Album Review: Poison, "Swallow This Live"

Swallow This Live is, as are all live albums really, a greatest hits package in another guise. POISON have come a long way since the days of the LA club circuit to today's megastar status - picking up many accolades on the way - but also coming in for some severe criticism too. But then controversy can help record sales y'know.

If you happen to be a POISON fan then this is an essential part of your record collection. It captures the band in the raw. No overdubs or owt like that, just all the urgency and fun of their live shows.

Lustily, POISON take us through all of their biggies, Look What The Cat Dragged InNothing But A Good Time, Unskinny Bop, and Talk Dirty To Me. They are all eagerly consumed by the voracious crowd. Every Rose Has Its Thorn and the acoustic Something To Believe In take the mood down a bit. POISON are having a great time, thoroughly enjoying themselves like the party animals they are. Bret Michaels raps coming thick and fast.

Also on offer in the 100 minutes of material are four new studio songs, which the band decided to produce themselves. To no great effect really, as these songs are totally irrelevant and I can't see any reason for their inclusion on a live album!

POISON are not about deep, meaningful or soulful songs. They're about having a good time, and this album captures that spirit. Grade B

Billy Kulke
Riff Raff
March 1992

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