Album Review, Nazareth, "No Jive"

If you thought Nazareth were dead and buried, think again! This, remember, is a band cited by both Brian Johnson and Axl Rose as being a major influence on their careers. Opening track Hire and Fire heralds these Scots' first album for seven years in suitably raucous fashion, McCafferty's voice still akin to gargling glass.

Do You Wanna Play House, low and punchy, precedes the ballad Every Time It Rains, which emphasises Naz's affinity with this genre and carries on the tradition. It was also apparently written for Dan's brother – 'cos every time it rains he thinks of Hugh! Methinks this is Dan’s idea of a jest. The second side's Lap Of Luxury echoes Do You Wanna Play House, whereas The Rowan Tree, a Celtic tune, leads into Tell Me You Love Me, the latter's marching theme enhanced by a chorus all the lads can sing on the way home from the local. Cry Wolf
closes in rampant fashion, unless, of course you pick up the CD, where you'll find an updated version of the classic This Flight Tonight.

My only complaint is that I'd have preferred something new. Ah well, at least No Jive should keep the boys on the road for a while and ensures Dan doesn't have to endure too many more dismal Dunfermline displays. Grade B

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff

Jan/Feb 1992
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