Video Review: "Lemmy: 49% Motherf**ker, 51% Son Of A Bitch"

Let me run a little theory past you: Barack Obama helped prepare the way for this movie. Back in 2008 he was elected promising "Change" and a thousand other things then just turned out to be yet another bullshitting politician. In other words, the World is now so buried in lies, manipulative rhetoric, euphemisms, and fraudulent advertising that when someone as uncompromisingly down-to-earth, blunt, and honest as Lemmy comes along it's more like a hurricane of fresh air than a mere breath.

That's why this documentary, which simply strives to present an honest picture of Motörhead's main man Lemmy Kilmister, is so enjoyable and has deservedly shot to number one in the Billboard music video charts. OK, so the adulatory comments by fans and peers – including Dave Grohl, Matt Sorum, and Metallica – can get a little trying at times, but these guys, like so many others, know Lemmy is the real deal. Meanwhile Lemmy takes the adulation with a pinch of salt and just gets on with his day-to-day, whether it involves jamming with Metallica, driving a Nazi tank, or cutting up potatoes to make his famous "fries."

He also doesn't pretend that the cameras aren't there, occasionally expressing the irritation that any normal person would feel. This adds tension and interest to the film and reminds us that Lemmy isn't playing Lemmy – Lemmy is Lemmy!

Colin Liddell
15th March, 2011

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