Video Review: The Almighty, "Soul Destruction Live"

Down at the old Town and Country Club in Kentish Town, London, last year THE ALMIGHTY put on one helluva gig, and it so happens that the event was captured on film for all posterity, and is now released as Soul Destruction Live.

THE ALMIGHTY have none of this fancy light show lark. No special FX or samplers (God preserve us). What they do have is attitude, and a whole batch of hard-hitting Rock songs that grab you where it does most good! Kicking off fast and furious with Destroyed and Full Force Loving Machine, THE ALMIGHTY pull no punches.

Loving Religion and What More Do You Want are brilliant. Little Lost Sometimes and Bandaged Knees show the band have a mellow side as well. But definitely no wimps here. Things are back to full throttle with the likes of the awesome Devil's Toy, Crucify, Free And Easy, and Wild And Wonderful. Each band member gives a stout performance, in particular Stumpy who plays some wicked drums. And overall mainman Ricky Warwick is triumphant throughout. What more do you want?

Billy Kulke
Riff Raff
March, 1992

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