Album Review: Edwyn Collins, "Losing Sleep"

Back in the day – the day being the early 1980s – Edwyn Collins and his then band Orange Juice practically invented the indie guitar pop template. This was soon put to good use by The Smiths and a host of other bands that melded the same jangly guitar sound with fey, campy singing.

The debt owed to one of the godfathers of indie pop was partially repaid on Collins' latest CD Losing Sleep. This was the first album entirely written and recorded since Collins recovered from two debilitating brain hemorrhages in 2005.

With contributions from a who's who of indie pop worthies – including Johnny Marr, Roddy Frame, The Drums, and Alex Kapranos – you might have thought there would be a danger of Collins’ own input being overshadowed. However, the end product is very much an Edwyn Collins record, with plenty of his impressive songwriting and production touches, from the stomping Northern Soul of album title track to the gentle country & western mantra of Searching For The Truth, the first song he wrote on the road to recovery.

Colin Liddell
21st March, 2011

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