Interview: David Gleeson, Screaming Jets

 Fuck Rock N' Roll

Tear on Thought in comparison to its predecessor All For One sports a much punkier attitude.

It's funny cos in Australia it's bot deemed as 'full on.' The last one had the big 'C' word on it." says David Gleeson, down the line from Oz.

There may not be any swearing on the new record but the music contained must have riled a few of the natives. How did they take to a track such as Hard Drugs for example?

"It's one of those songs that uses the word drugs in the context of being the drug of your choice. It's not condoning drugs at all."

Helping Hand is a total distraction from the 'full on' approach, being more linked to lounge music in its intro.

"Paul [Woseen], the bass player, wrote that after his mom died. We all live together so Paul felt alienated. It's one subject that's difficult to talk about, but when he wrote that it just blew us away."

In its favour All For One featured a wealth of potential chart singles, something which is missing within Tear.

"Yeah, that's something that came from seeing bands like Metallica. They don't write singles but the radio picks up on tracks as they go along."

Has changing UK labels caused any problems?

"We didn't know whether they'd be into it but so far they've been really positive."

Unfortunately other sources in their homeland haven't been quite as supportive, as the recent Guns N' Roses shows in Sydney reveal. David explains...

"Everyone in the hierarchy here hates the Screaming Jets. Guns N' Roses played here recently with Skid Row. It was deemed the biggest show in the Southern hemisphere, but we didn't get on it cos we've offended too many of the wrong people in Australia."

Although the following is not to be taken as an anti G N' R shot, David has nothing but admiration for Skid's main man Sebastian Bach. 

"He's a fucking good guy, and..." he says in frustration, "he's always surrounded by fuckin' chicks. Someday I wanna be a rock star."

Keep making records as good as Tear of Thought and someday you will, Dave. Someday you will!

Joe Mackett
Riff Raff
May 1993
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