New Release: "Doom Philosophy" by Sorrow's Path

Most metal is in too much of a hurry to get where it's going, which can make it a bit irritating. Not so doom metal, which is what it is and where it is. Slower tempos and solid, broad-based sounds, created by the low-tuned guitars and ponderous drumming give it a presence and aura not unlike a Satanic ritual or black mass.

Black Sabbath knew they were onto something when they discovered the formula, and it's good to see other bands over the years stooping real low to pick up the flame, like Greek combo Sorrow's Path with their latest release Doom Philosophy. Well, coming from Athens they would be call it that, wouldn't they!

From what I've heard of the album, so far, it's classic doom and very listenable, like the excellent Everything Can Change, in which Sorrow's Path front man Angelos Ioannidis is joined by guest musician Snowy Shaw of King Diamond, Dream Evil, and Dimmu Borgir fame, among others, for an enthralling collaboration.

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