Album Review: Iron Maiden, "The Final Frontier"

You could never accuse Iron Maiden of selling out. So loyal are they to their roots and riff structures that they've taken the meat of their origins and developed it into a symphony of staggering conceptual brilliance.

Their 15th studio album is their longest to date, at over 75 minutes long. I'm sure they've never been called intellectually complex before, but The Final Frontier, particularly on Isle Of Avalon, The Talisman, and When The Wild Wind Blows, can stand proudly alongside Rush's 2112 or A Farewell To Kings. Evidently, the four-year break in recording was used well. The album title may allude to the golf courses of retirement, but the content suggests otherwise: a more relaxed attitude, time to investigate their musical strengths, and develop them beyond even the stunning landscape that is The Final Frontier!

Pippa Lang
Rock iKon
16th August, 2010
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