Album Review: Asphalt Ballet, "Asphalt Ballet"

We, as a magazine, have been chasing the progress of this band for some time. They were first brought to our attention via dear Babs over in Los Angeleees. They cause her breath to stop and her heart to pound whenever she saw them. Hmmm...could this band be detrimental to your health? Will the album carry a government health warning?

Onto to the tunes, spoons! Hells Kitchen opens this lively can of worms that largely fluctuates between hard rockers and schmoozy bluesers. The most apparent thing that strikes me about the ASPHALTs is the shameless way they wear their influences on their sleeve. Tuesday’s Rain could have been a BILLY IDOL tune. This owes much to the vocal style of Gary Jeffries. As for Soul Survive, well I reckon old Ian Aspirin and Mr. McDuffy would have something to say there.

Overall though, it’s a pretty good debut by any standards. Tracks to grind your granny down to are End Of My Rope, Taking a Walk, and Unlucky Mr. Lucky, as well as the three aforementioned numbers. The use of a brass section adds another good touch on various songs – some of which you’d expect to have it on and others you wouldn’t, but it still works.

I must admit I like the sleaze of Blue Movie (OK, I’m sick!) Wrapping it up we have song number 13, Do It All Over Again, with Gazza in TOM WAITS mode, while one of his amigos supplies the guitar. Not bad.
Grade B (minus)

Peter Grant 
Riff Raff 
March 1992

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