Preview: The 4 of Us


The 4 of Us are in fact...five! They have been described as the "hope carriers for the new decade playing abandoned, f**ked-up love songs." And in the lyrics of soulful vocalist, Brendan Murphy, there's certainly some substance in the accolade.

There are enough good moments to push aside any real doubts about their albums merits, in particular I Miss You. The song's lyrics ring with a sense of frustration and brutal honesty..."You go back to your homeland, like some kind of ancient rite/ What a way to go." Burnt by the fire of love, eh, Brendan?

"Yeah," he replies. "It's about missing a lot of things. It's about missing the girl that dumps you. It's about not being 18 anymore, about not having any money."

And, finally, sounding like a man who wouldn't self-delude himself, he says, "This album pretty much turned out the way I hoped it would."

Mark Liddell
Riff Raff
May, 1993

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