Video: The Almighty's Rock N' Roll Guide to Glasgow

More of a missed opportunity than anything else, this 1990 MTV program is basically a promo for the Almighty, Scotland's answer to Guns N' Roses.

Instead of excavating the rich seams of Glasgow's rock history, the boys from the Almighty, led by Ricky Warwick, wander around the streets of Glasgow talking about how great their latest album is, and stopping off at a couple or club venues, like the Venue and the Mayfair Club (which also holds discos). Disappointing stuff for a city that spawned the Young Brothers of AC/DC fame and the sensational Alex Harvey, to just name two of the most obvious omissions. The Almighty? More like the Alshitey based on this crappy rock n' roll guide. Good for a sub-Spinal-Tap laugh, maybe. 

Ricky Warwick: deep-fried haggis muncher
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