Critically acclaimed Canadian rockers MINDSTORM will be here touring through November and December, out to promote a strikingly powerful second album Back To Reality . Influenced by classic outfits of the seventies, like ZEPPELIN they also sometimes wonder into the more progressive movements offered by YES and GENESIS. Although described as Heavy Rock, they display a clever knowledge of rock music's more intricate past and become an act worthy of note.

Fronted by vocalist and principal writer Travis Mitchell, they are combining their influences with the individual blend of their own style. 

In a recent conversation, I asked Travis how he thinks the band is developing.
"We're still in the infant stages but I know and feel we're progressing to the level I want to achieve and I know we're offering what people want to hear."
I've noticed you compose with a number of different people.
"I like to work with different guys in the band. I think it allows us to reach something a little more diverse from track to track. If it's just one person writing, it tends to get a bit predictable and follows narrow routes."
How different is the new album from the first?
"I see it as a continuation of the old album, but with better songs and sounds and a more mature approach. The band has grown together as a team and has a stronger band feel, rather than just musicians playing together."
Do you think you've found your own sound or are the influences still apparent?
"I'd like to think we're developing something individual but I do have a lot of influences."
How well received are you back in Canada?
"Well, Canada is a pretty tough market to break at this point. So what's happening with us, like a lot of other Canadian bands, is we're having to go to Europe or America to get something going."
Are you ready for the tour?
"More than we've ever been. Make it known MINDSTORM are back. We really deliver, we don't disappoint."

Mike Harris
Riff Raff
October 1991
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