Orit Arfa, Settler Slut for Greater Israel

Last year, following her now-infamous appearance on the VMAs, I weighed in on Miley Cyrus's pop-culture galvanizing antics, which could be summarized as a liberal indulgence in "retarded sexuality and bad poetry," as one notable critic of the legendary Brit-metal band Spinal Tap might have put it.

At the time, I was none-too-approving of the once-Miss Montana's full-on meth-whore act. But now I suppose I have to make something of an about-face, and give Miley her props. I assailed her lack of imagination in recapitulating yet again the all too familiar sexed-up, good-girl-gone-bad routine, but it seems that her last two videos have apparently had such a far-reaching effect that they now may alter the future of the Holy Land, perhaps even ushering in Armageddon and the End of Days, which might just endear her to the same evangelical Christian population in America that she alienated so badly by her performance at the VMAs.

It seems that an enterprising and shapely young Israeli settler woman named Orit Arfa has lovingly crafted two would-be video parodies of Miss Cyrus's We Can't Stop and Wrecking Ball. I say "would-be" parodies, because the performances, while absurd, seem completely sincere. Aren't parodies supposed to be intentionally funny?

Miss Arfa, profiled rather scathingly here in Haaretz, has captured the world's attention, first with her unabashed defense of Jewish land-confiscation, Jews Can't Stop (sung to the tune of We Can't Stop).. which begins with the arresting image of Miss Arfa provocatively smooching a mezuzah. The alluring, angry Jewess then goes on to ape much of the imagery of the We Can't Stop video, but in a radically different context. The refrain: "It's our land, we can do what we want!"

Then she followed up with a more mournful, angry song and video called Gaza Wrecking Ball, pattered after Miley's more recent Wrecking Ball, in which our heroine protests the demolition of settlements in Gaza by the Israeli government. She rolls her eyes bitterly at the mention of "peace," and defiantly nuzzles and licks the instruments used by those ingrates who would prevent her and her people from taking over the portion of real estate that she feels is theirs by divine right:

We know this is all ridiculous, tacky, and borderline obscene... but is it okay to kind of find it amusing and even somewhat awe-inspiring? After all, who'd have thought that there'd be a convergence between degenerate American celeb-u-sluts and right-wing Israeli imperialists, between wayward kids and militant yids? Yahweh, or whoever, certainly works in mysterious ways.

Andy Nowicki
Alternative Right
16th January, 2014
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