Album Review: Gomez "In Our Gun"

It's postulated that once the Universe stops expanding, it will start contracting and that Time itself will start running backwards.

Musically, this has already started to happen with certain bands like Gomez, who continue to develop by rediscovering the past.

Since their debut in 1998, their main charm has been their laid-back retro feel and the reassuring sense that we arent really leaving the golden age of rock too far behind. Titles like Detroit Swing 66 also help.

This doesn't mean that their music is stale or predictable. Far from it as the aforesaid track demonstrates with its juicy mix of brass, funk, stonking blues and hip hop. The self-produced English 5-piece make the kind of music that rewards repeated listening by building up complex aural textures from diverse elements with a firm grounding in blues/rock.

For those reluctant to leave the heartland of rock but sick of playing their remastered CDs to death, Gomez represent a healthy way to recycle the Universe.

Colin Liddell
Tokyo Journal
April, 2002
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