Album Review: Skyclad "Jonah's Ark"

If you're over twelve, you've probably grown out of this and are investing your money on more grown-up things like acne cream. What a pity! Because I find Skyclad's brand of folk-tinged prog-thrash, with teen angst lyrics about the impending doom of the Universe delightful in the same way Spinal Tap or Iron Maiden at their most overblown were.

Lyrics that ignore the 'Eternal Feminine' (babes, chicks, etc.) and novel touches like mandolins and acoustic guitars played over the more basic rock elements, mark them out as a band striving to create their own unique musical universe, in which songs like A Word to the Wise and Cry of the Land can exist on their own terms as epics.

Colin Liddell
Riff Raff
August, 1993
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