The Fly Column: Fly/ Nirvana T-Shirt Shock!

Following their stunning set on the MTV Awards, where they came off second best in a dramatic punch up with their own equipment, NIRVANA have finally done the truly rebellious by getting kitted out with the new 'Fly' T-shirt...

Listen kids, there is literally nothing more rebellious than buying a T-shirt these days - or as it's also known, a piece of cloth with some words printed on it - so if you want to raise a giant middle finger to the system and make "The Man" quiver at the knees, now is your chance to unleash total revolution by sending £9.99 to Riff Raff Towers and specifying your colour choice: (a) white with black writing, (b) black with white writing, or (c) white with white writing. I recommend the latter, as it will confuse the fascist cops and can also be used for underwear.

The Fly
Riff Raff
May, 1993
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