10 years of growth encapsulated in one long-form video. 100 minutes in which to watch Queensryche grow from over made-up glam boys to "heavy metallectual" titans of the first order.  

Visions of poodle perms and Geoff Tate's silver eyeshadow during Knight Rider are just cause for activating the fast forward control. However, Going to Get Close to You neatly sets the scene for the bands transition into the realms of serious metaldom. 

The Empire video itself is particularly noteworthy, alongside Silent Lucidity, both being products of a marked empathy between the band and director Matt Mahurin. And,  though you're lucky to see it at all, Anybody Listening? is a triumph of imagery and presentation. 

However, Queensryche are at their very best in the live arena. Six songs recorded during the "Empire Tour" illustrate a frightening level of perfection. Even playing "Unplugged" for MTV the quintet are utterly compelling.

Grade A 

Lynn guy
Riff Raff
June 1993
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