And escape their did, to make our world a better place with really girly songs about children crying and all the shite that smacks of a rock star trying to be sincere and ending up looking a right dick; especially when he looks like he's about to burst into tears every time the producer says "roll."

Mike Tramp is that man, accompanied by Vito "Kermit frog eyes" Bratta, speeding up and down is frets like a bat out of somewhere that rhymes with hell, but I really can't be bothered to think of it at the moment. I'm sorry.

This trip through airhead city traces White Lion from beginning to the most acrimonious end. I told Greg D'Angelo not to wear that t-shirt. Rock stars -- what do you do with them? 

Right, where was I? Oh yeah, there are four dudes and one of them wants to be David Lee Roth so bad that he had his nuts hacked off in order to fit into some well dodgy strides that were hermetically sealed. The others are, well, bass drums guitar type people who want to be famous.

Basically we have some crap footage from when they played the local chip shop in New Jersey,  right up until today when they brought out the monstrous Mane Attraction album, which is amongst my top 10 plays of last year.  

It runs for a good hour and a half, although don't quote me on that cos I forgot to time it. But it's f****** long, OK!

As far as a record of the band goes, it's nice to have it if you are a fan. You even get lots of those cute bits when they're being real silly billies. You know the routine. I wish somebody would come up with a new idea.

Peter Grant
Riff Raff
March 1992

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