Eric Clapton has come through some stormy seas, but he never fails to reach in and touch something in most people. The whole spectrum is covered with the tracks culled from the 1990/91 stints at the Royal Albert Hall, from his more accessible tracks through to his love of the Blues, and then to the pomp of an orchestrated evening or three. This can't fail to hold something for everyone, and maybe open a few eyes to the other sides of this legend.

Trackwise, we are talking "Badge," "White Room," "Worried Life Blues," "Hoodoo Man,"  "Pretending,"  "Old Love," "Wonderful Tonight," "Hard Times," and "Edge of Darkness." That's just a few. As for the musicians, well, would the all-encompassing heading of the "Best in the World" suffice? I mean there are single notes that say more than some entire albums I've heard, and feelings that radiate beyond the speakers and turn you to mush.

Having seen the man in action in 1990 (I'm the one sitting on the left hand side near the stage), this probably holds even more of a meaning, because I have never seen anyone play the guitar and get so much emotion out of it in my life. Isn't it a fascinating phenomena that one person can touch so many others. GRADE A

Peter Grant
Riff Raff
January, 1992
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