Album Review: Jellyfish "Spilt Milk"

The colorful San Franciscans obviously don't give a flying fuck about artistic credibility. They write lush pop, rock songs usually about silly subjects, and wear their collective musical influences proudly on their sleeves.

In other words, if you dig Queen, ELO and Elton John, regurgitated in all their orchestral pomp and ceremony, then you'll probably have time for this. Also, there's no denying Andy Sturmer's rich, swooning, almost effortless vocals. 

All these ingredients can be quite seductive if you're in the right mood. Perhaps their first LP, Belly Button, has the edge with its more quirky variety, but Spilt Milk has definitely not been spilled in vain.  


Mark Liddell

Riff Raff
July, 1993
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  1. Everybody sounds like someone...except maybe Hendrix and Primus. Wearing influences on your sleeve isn't regurgitation, and this album is far from a copycat-concept.
    Effortless is hardly an apt description of this record. Though your uninspired cynical review could be described as effortless and jaded with token sarcasm that makes so many writers feel smart.

  2. Well that's your view but you seem to be overlooking the fact that I actually liked and enjoyed the album but if you choose to reinterpret it as cynicism then so be it.