Album Review: Halford, "Halford IV: Made of Metal"

Skipping Halford III, essentially an astute novelty record designed to cash in on the perennial cash cow of Xmas, Halford IV: Made of Metal is the first Halford studio album since 2002's excellent Crucible

Unfortunately, with Rob's other metal outlet Judas Priest apparently calling it a day with this year's Epitaph tour, Halford IV stumbles slightly in carrying the heavy metal torch.

This being the Metal God, however, there is of course some great music on the CD. The album title track, with its solid, dark riffing set against a Kenny Everett, Captain-Kremmen-style chorus is a classic. The unlikely juxtaposition energizes the song. It is this somewhat camp, kitschy vibe that has often helped The Metal God in the past to leaven the oppressive, ponderous tendencies inherent in metal to create something a cut above. 

Undisputed, with its infeasibly long punchline, works in a similar way, with an energizing imbalance. 

Elsewhere what stands out is the box ticking and the inevitable Americanization that has crept in over the years: The Mower is mainly a chest-thumping attempt to scale the heights rather than a song; while Thunder and Lightning would be a great track...if sung by Jon Bon Jovi!

1st February, 2011
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